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Global family tree written into Greek, Australian, US, German, Brazilian, Swedish and Asia Minor history.

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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

Australia (28)
Greece (19)
VIC (5)
Sydney (5)
NSW. Australia (5)
WA (4)
Germany (4)
Melbourne (4)
USA (4)
[Offaly] Ireland (3)
Asia Minor (3)
Kalymnos (2)
Chile (2)
Brasil (2)
South Australia (1)
Sydney Australia (1)
[Offlay] Ireland (1)
Ireland (1)
In WW2
Rookwood Sydney (1)
Botany Cemetery. Sydney. Australia (1)
Botany Cemetery (1)
Gordon Victoria Australia
Fremantle Western Australia Australia
Williamstown Cemetery
East Fremantle Western Australia Australia
West Melbourne
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